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Who Is Judge Judy’s Girlfriend

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Judge Judy doesn’t have a female partner

Who Is Judge Judy ?

Judge Judy is an American arbitration based reality court show formerly presided by Manhattan Family Court Judge Judith Sheindlin. She featured Sheindlin to judge over misunderstandings in a courtroom set. The two parties were made to sign an arbitration contracts which is subjected to Sheindlin’s ruling and judgement. The show was distributed by the CBS media ventures in syndication.

The first series was premiered on September 16, 1996 and ended on July 23, 2021. After Sheindlin and CBS signed new contracts, the court show ended it’s 25th season in 2017.

The new episodes of the show was taped rather than being aired. The final filmed case was aired on June 8, 2021. The first and second seasons was streamed on paramount Global Pluto TV Courtroom channel and the “ Judge Judy Channel.

Judge Judy’s Impact And Achievements

Courtroom programming was impacted by Judge Judy, who brought the genre back to life overall. Throughout its 25-year run of original episodes, it was the highest-rated court show according to Nielsen, and it routinely ranked as the highest-rated daytime and syndicated television programme. 

Judge Judy has the most seasons of all the court shows that had a single series run that is, without intermittent production due to cancellations that were then revived or recast.

In addition, the show won three Emmy Awards, made Sheindlin the longest-serving television arbitrator in history, and started a number of trends in courtroom programming, such as the usage of show titles that are also show titles and cold open trailers.

Judge Judy gave rise to two court spin-offs: Judy Justice, which had Sheindlin as the judge, and Tribunal Justice, which will premiere soon and has Byrd as the bailiff. Sheindlin is the creator of Tribunal Justice, which is also available for streaming on Amazon Freevee.

Fraud Allegations

Douthit’s ex-wife Patrice Jones filed a lawsuit against Sheindlin in March 2013. Douthit and Sheindlin, according to Jones, plotted to let Sheindlin purchase Jones’s excellent china and Marley flatware. She demanded $514,421 from Sheindlin, claiming that Sheindlin had paid Douthit $50,815 for the things without her knowledge, depriving her of her possessions .

After Sheindlin gave the dinnerware back to Douthit and Jones consented to pay Douthit $12,500 in exchange for the tableware being given back to her, the lawsuit was settled.

Family And Relationship

Judge Judy was married to prosecutor Ronald Levy, with whom she had two children Jamie and Adam. She married Judge Jerry Sheindlin in 1977 which after 1990 the couple divorced. She has no female partner as speculated.

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