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Michael B. Jordan’s Siblings

Micheal B. Jordan has two siblings Khalid Jordan and Jamila Jordan.

Brief Biography Of Michael B. Jordan

Micheal Bakari Jordan is an American movie actor, producer and director. He was born on February 9, 1987 in Santa Ana, California. He was born to Michael A. Jordan and Donna Jordan.


Michael Jordan started his professional acting career in 1999 and featured on TV series like the Sopranos and Cosby. Since then, he has also featured in movies such as Hardball, The wire, all my children and the popular black panther movie and many more.

Jordan in his career has received many awards and honors including Breakthrough Actor in 2011, Outstanding actor in a Motion Picture 2015, Best Villain 2016, Best Supporting Actor 2018 among others.

Family, Siblings And Relationship

Michael b. Jordan was born to Donna Jordan and Michael A. Jordan. The family lived together in Santa Ana and later moved to Newark where he grew up.

Michael has two siblings, his brother named Khalid Jordan and his sister Jamila Jordan.

Jamila is the oldest among the three siblings. She is also an actress, a producer, director and co-founder of Outlier Society Production in the United States of America.

Khalid Jordan on the other hand, is a football player. Khalid’s talent and hard work earned him a scholarship to the Howard University in Washington, DC.

Michael b.Jordan has not confirmed of being in any romantic relationship as of March 2024, he was however in a relationship with Lori Harvey an American model and a daughter of Steve Harvey. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2022.

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