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Top 10 richest football clubs in the world 

Manchester City Football Club is currently the richest football club in the world with the club valuing 644m euros.

There are a lot of football clubs in the world, in this article our main focus is to know the richest clubs per their annual income and the value of the various football clubs. Ranking may change year to year due to annual income of the various football teams.

10. Tottenham

Tottenham hotspurs popularly known as Tottenham is ranked 10th in world richest clubs. The team has an estimated value of 406.2m euros. Since the establishment of the club in the year 1882 ,the English club has become one of the top teams in the premier league .It is owned by the ENIC group who bought the club in the year 2001 and has consistently managed the finances of the club to it’s current state.

9. Juventus

The Italian football club popularly known as the “old ladies “ is one of the top teams in Italy. Since its establishment the team has made massive improvement in both business and sporting aspects . The club is valued around 433.5m euros, in Italy Juventus is considered to be the club with the biggest fanbase having around 170million supporters worldwide.According to International Federation of Football History and Statistics ,Juventus is the best Italian club in the 20th century 

8. Chelsea

Chelsea is undoubtedly one of the biggest clubs in England.The team was established in the year 1905 and located in west London. Chelsea over the years has been the most decorated London club with 2 UEFA champions league and 6 premier league titles. The club is valued around 493.1 m euros and is the richest in London.

7. Liverpool

Liverpool as a football club since it’s establishment in 1892 has been one of the most decorated football clubs in the world. The club is owned by the Fenway Sports Holdings, LLC(FSG), an American multinational sports holding conglomerate which also owns NASCAR’s RFK Racing,Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh penguins which is a hockey team in the National Hockey League. Liverpool is valued around 550.4 m euros and has one of the biggest fanbase in the world 

6. Paris saint German

This is biggest football club in France with one of the largest fanbase in the world, with over 150 million fans on social media. They are undisputably the most decorated club in France with over 40 official honors.The club has dominated the French League 1 top division over the years and has eleven league titles. PSG has been a regular competitor in the UEFA Champions League, reaching their first ever final in 2020 but has failed to cling their hands on the trophy. It is owned by the Emir of Qatar through closed shareholders ,Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) which bought the club in 2011.According to Deloitte, the club has the fifth highest revenue in the football world with an annual revenue of 654million euros .The club is valued 556m euros worth $4.21 billion by Forbes.

5. Manchester United 

When it comes to English football Manchester United is considered the most popular football club and has won most league titles, with 20 league titles,6 league cups, 12 FA cups and 21 Community Shield cups.The club also being one of the great in Europe has three UEFA Champions League trophies,UEFA Europa league, UEFA Cup Winner’s cup,the UEFA Super cup and FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP. Manchester United is one of the most famous clubs in the world with close rivalry with Liverpool and Manchester City.In 2016 they were the highest earning football club with a revenue of 673.3m euros. The club is owned by an American businessman Malcom Glazer and the Glazer family. They are valued at 556.0m euros.

4. FC Barcelona 

Barcelona is one of the biggest football clubs in the world and in Spanish football, with 27 Laliga titles, 31 Copa del Ray,14 Super cups. In Europe, the club has 5 UEFA Champions League trophies, 4 UEFA Winner’s Cup and 5 super cups. It is owned by the supporters ,where most of the decisions concerning the club are made by the board of directors. The club is worth $ 5.51 billion and valued 582.1m euros. Barcelona over the years have provided twelve Ballon d’Or awards with Johan Cruyff, Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi.

3. Fc Bayern Munchen

The German based football club over the years has been impressive both in the Bundesliga and in competitions across Europe. Bayern is the most successful club in Germany with a record 33 titles. They have 6 UEFA Champions League trophies, one UEFA Cup,one European Cup Winner’s Cup, two UEFA Super cups, two FIFA club world Cups and two intercontinental cups. It is owned by the members represented by the FC Bayern Munchen e.V which possesses 75% in Bayern Munich AG. The remaining 25% is divided among three corporate giants which is Adidas, Allianz and Audi having 8.3% share in the cub. The club’s estimated value is around 611.4m euros .

2. Real Madrid 

The Spanish professional club is one of the biggest and highly rated clubs in the world. Since it’s establishment has been exceptional from wining their first league cup in 1932.They are one of the few clubs which has never been relegated in the Spanish La liga with Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao football club. They have a record 35 laliga trophies , a record 14 times UEFA champions League Winners, two UEFA Cups, and five Super Cups. They are recognized as the greatest football club in the 20th century by FIFA. Real Madrid is owned by members known as “socios “ who pay 150 euros yearly for membership . The club is the most followed football club on social media according to CIES Football Observatory 2023 estimated around $5.1billion and is valued 640m euros.

1. Manchester City

Manchester city during the years has passed through the ranks to be one of the biggest clubs today. The club was founded in the year 1880 as St. Mark’s(West Gordon) , which became Ardwick Association Football club. They are decorated with 9 league titles winning 4 out of the last eight campaign. They recently won the 2023 Champions League for the first time after losing it to Chelsea in their first ever final in 2021. Man City achieved this with Pep Guardiola  who has a good record in the competition with Barcelona, winning two with them. The club is owned by the City Group Limited  valued at $4.8 billion in November 2019 amid majority owned by the Abu Dhabi United group. The club is valued at 644m euros.

These are the richest clubs by far considering their annual income, sales, sponsors and other factors. Do you find the club you support in the list? if not then stay tuned for more updates. Clubs value may change depending on the annual income of the clubs.

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