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Stunna girl net worth

By Isaac Feb2,2024 #inewtyn #Stunna girl

According to forbes stunna girl has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2024.

Who Is Stunna Girl?

Stunna girl is an American rapper and social media personality born in Sacramento, California. Born in July 2, 1998 she is currently 25 years. Her real name is Suzanne Sade . She began her music career when she was just 19 years, releasing her debut single “Real Rap” with Proxclusiv M and later released “ Let It Drip “ with TF Circle Entertainment.

On February 22, 2019 she released “YKWTFGO” album with 17 songs including You’ll Neva, Sun Roof, Doggy Style and many more. On February 26,2021 she released another album “Stunna This Stunna That” with 12 songs including popular song “Still Smoke”.

Sources Of Income

Stunna girl has so many sources of income making her worth $ 1 million in 2024. She makes money through her music by show performance, record sales, brand ambassadorial work, and is also a social personality with thousands of followers on instagram.

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