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Anthony Joshua beats Sweden’s Otto Wallin in Saudi Arabia.

After defeating Swedish southpaw Otto Wallin in five rounds, former two-time unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua persisted on his drive to reclaim the top spot in the division. He claimed all he wanted was to be victorious as long as he can after a successful fight against the Swedish.

Following five brutal rounds, Wallin of Sweden was forced to withdraw by Joshua’s corner due to his injuries.

Wallin gave Tyson Fury a fierce fight in 2019 in Las Vegas, giving the ‘Gypsy king a cut on top of his eyes with a hard punch on his face, unfortunately for him Tyson bounced back to win the contest. Although Joshua boxed with good technical skill, he was looking for the finish from the first round.

Every round, he asserted his dominance, and in the fifth round, he notably injured Wallin with a powerful right cross-left straight punch. After the fifth round Wallin was wounded and marked up so badly and was looking weak as an effect of the consistent and tough punches from Anthony Joshua.

Joshua, who solely competed in world championship fights from 2016 to 2022, found himself in the unusual situation of facing Wallin in his third straight non-title fight.

Following his earlier-year victories against Robert Helenius and Jermaine Franklin, Joshua was trying to get back into the championship class.His agents were in preliminary negotiations for a possible two-bout deal with Deontay Wilder in 2024 prior to this fight.The plans were derailed when Joseph Parker upset Wilder by winning by unanimous decision on the same bill in Riyadh, completely altering the script.

Joshua, however remained focused and was aggressive right from the start. Joshua pawed his way to the centre of the ring and quickly started throwing right crosses.A thunderous backhand struck Wallin’s abdomen, causing him to experience a physical assault.

Joshua delivered a headshot to the right. He also had more dexterity, swerving out of the way before Wallin could get close to him in an attempt to retaliate. Wallin barely managed to catch a right punch that Joshua smashed in with a glove. In an attempt to irritate Joshua with his southpaw posture, Wallin tucked in his jab. However, that did not satisfy him. Joshua followed up with another clean right to the body and then landed a pair of head punches.

Wallin took a hard right to the side of his head, and the Swede staggered off to the side after taking a hard left. Joshua made forceful strokes to start the fifth round and highlight his near-total dominance. Wallin’s feet soon appeared unsure beneath him. AJ heaved his right to the body and made a hint that he would throw it to the head. Then he connected with a vicious double-edged blow.

Wallin was caught by a cross that set up a massive left hook that left the Swede injured. Joshua was on Wallin, attacking with all of his might as he staggered away. After he caused enough damage, Wallin went back to his corner in despair, and his coach forbade him from coming out for another round.

Despite the fact that WBC champion Tyson Fury and unified WBO, WBA, and IBF champion Oleksandr Usyk were expected to be taking up each other’s schedules in the upcoming year, Joshua wasn’t quite prepared to rule out a 2024 fight with Wilder.

“Listen, don’t disagree. Joshua stated, “This evening, take a look at Daniel Dubois.” “He has returned. Anything is possible for you. He is free to return and fight another day if he so chooses. He has the final say. Everyone still wants to watch that battle, I’m sure.”

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