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Sista Afia Disclose How Fancy Gadam Embarrassed Her At Her Recent Concert In Tamale

musician Sista Afia from Ghana has voiced her pain and disappointment in fellow musician Fancy Gadam for failing to turn up for her recent Tamale event.

Sista Afia discussed in an interview how she organised her performance and her attempts to work with Macasio and Fancy Gadam, two well-known musicians from Tamale who are known for their “beef.”

Sista Afia contacted both artists in order to guarantee a fruitful partnership, despite the hostility that was already present. However, Macasio withdrew because he was scheduled to perform in a similar concert.

Sista Afia claimed that once her management contacted Fancy and his group to get him on board, he outrageously demanded GH¢100,000.

She claimed that after more haggling, the fee was cut in half and Fancy consented to appear.

The success of the show suffered when Fancy Gadam failed to show up on the day of the event and all subsequent calls to him and his management were returned unanswered.

“Nobody will leave their house for your show if none of the fans in Tamale, who love Macasio and Fantasy, are there. The turnout was dismal, and I felt like I was being undermined. I knew him personally and we were extremely close, so it goes without saying that his actions had an impact on me. He charged me an absurd sum, and although my team was prepared to pay right away, he just chose not to show up.

Up until that point, the performance, which includes prominent Ghanaian artists like Kwame Yogot, Mr. Drew, Sefa, Medikal, Lasmid, Ataaka, Wiz Child, Fadlan, and Lil Wayne, seemed promising.

She clarified her decision to choose Tamale and her hopes for the evening in an exclusive conversation with Daily Guide Network conducted earlier to the main event.

“I’ve gotten a tonne of mails in the past asking when my show in Tamale is. This concert has been planned for years, and I’m thrilled that it will soon take place.

“I’m ready to give a brutal performance especially since I haven’t been on many stages in the last few months at one of the biggest concerts of the year,” she stated in an interview.

Fancy Gadam and Macasio not showing up for the event made her plans for the program not fully established due to the number of people that showed up. Her expectations for the program was not met considering how she estimated the program and the outcome which was somehow failed. Macasio’s excuse was accepted by Afia but she claims Fancy hurt her the most.

She claims that Fancy has not yet apologised to her or her group or provided the reason for being absent.

She bemoaned the event, calling it a humiliating circumstance that was preventable.

Sista Afia believed that such an attitude should not be accepted in a nation where the creative arts sector is crying out for peace.

Afro-pop singer Sista Afia is the niece of Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams of Ghana. She was raised in Kumasi and Accra. She moved to the UK to pursue her nursing studies after attending Reverend John Teye Memorial Institute.

2015 saw Sista Afia return to Ghana to launch her musical career. She worked with musician Bisa Kdei on the song “Kro Kro No,” drawing inspiration from him.

In 2021 Sista Afia was nominated Best Highlife Artist, International Collaboration Of The Year and Best Highlife Song Of The Year in the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA). Sista Afia has been working hard in recent years and has been part of the few females in the Ghana Music Industry that has been widely accepted by the people in the country.

The incident of Sista Afia and Fancy Gadam is more of a betrayal and for the good of Ghana Music, artists should support fellow artists to help push Ghana Music to the globe. We hope Fancy Gadam do the needful by apologizing to her to foster peace and further collaboration between them in the future.

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