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Excision’s Net Worth 2024

Excision has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of March 2024. He earns a fair amount of money through his career as a musician, DJ and producer.

Who Is Excision?

Excision is a Canadian DJ and producer born in Kelowna Canada on April 29,1986. His real name is Jeff Abel, popularly known as excision. He is the founder of Rottun recordings and Subsidia records.

His signature sound is an influence of metal’s violent intensity, hip hop’s laid back attitudes and the evolving basslines of drum and bass genre.

Excision is regarded as one of the first dubstep producers and DJ’s in North America.


Excision has rise to become one of the most popular DJ’s and producers in the music industry since 2006. His debut release is “Warning” released in 2007. He then released his debut album titled “X Rated” in 2011.

On the release of his album, he formed the live dubstep group with drummer KJ Sawka(pendulum) and Downlink. The group is highly recognized for it’s futuristic robot costumes and intense apocalyptic sounds.

He has several studio albums including “Codename X” released in 2015, “Virus”(2016), “Apex” (2018) and “Onyx” (2022). He has collaborations with top artists like Datsik, Downlink, Space Laces, Bassnectar, Far Too Loud and many more.

His track Destroid 1 Raise Your First appeared number 50 on the Billboard Dance/ electronic Chart in 2013. He also received award for the Best Dubstep Award at the maiden annual DMA’s Dubstep Music Awards in 2012.

Net Worth

Excision has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of March 2024. He acquired this fortune through his music career as a DJ and producer. He also make money through his social media including his YouTube channel which he has 611k subscribers, 411.2k followers on TikTok and 949k followers on instagram.


Since 2006 Excision has worked hard as a DJ and producer to acquire this great wealth and still working on projects which will probably increase his net worth in the coming years.

He is currently taking a tour the Excision’s Nexus Tour from March to June 2024. The tour is aimed at cities including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit and many more.

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